Sportiva, LLC

Welcome to Sportiva, LLC Sales engineering Consulting Firm

Sportiva, LLC is a professional Sales Consulting Firm focused on  autonomous vehicle technologies through our technology partners, designing-in highly engineered electronic and electro-mechanical  components at all OEM’s.  Along with offices and Salespeople servicing  North America and International Markets. 

We continue to align with Manufacturers’ whose products complement each  of the lines we represent. Our sales philosophy is to provide our  customers a total solution to design.  We manage our customers existing  business, promote new sales growth, market share and OEM approvals.

The markets we serve are as diverse which include Automotive, Aero Space  & Defense, Mass Transit, Off Truck & Bus, Energy, and White  Goods. Therefore, our Salespeople are equally diverse and we have  specialists serving specific industries in North American  and on  a global basis.

 As an Electronic Components Sales Consulting Firm it is important to  provide continuous support to our manufacturers.  We have dedicated  customer service and management to work directly with OEM customers. Our  goal is to raise the visibility of the Manufacturers we represent  through working directly with engineering at the OEM's to help provide  designed engineered solutions, increased design OEM approvals and  present formal price quotations and negotiate long term contracts. 

Sportiva, LLC has over 25 years experience

Results-driven executive with leadership provided across multiple  functions and a proven record growing domestic and international  markets.

History of success building corporate value for several international companies

 Culturally diverse with experience spanning Europe, Asia and The Americas. 


Michael A. D'Orazio

Owner, Sportiva, LLC